Stone Feeder 

The DS-400-6C has easy-to-use and versatile Stone feeders which have the unique ability to set various sizes of Rhinestones, MC stones and Studs from size SS6 ~ SS30 (2mm ~ 6mm). One-touch-Set Stone feeder System is the biggest timesaver, and Extra-high speed allows you to bring your creative ideas to life quickly.


· High-quality design with closely spaced stones ( minimum 0.2 )

· Easy Stone feeder Preparation. For ease of changing stones, it offers a convenient and simple system, which prepares Stone feeder quickly.

· Quick-Set Stone feeder System

· Feature-rich functionality and reliability

Range of Stone Feeders

Rhinestone / MC stone / Stud

Size : SS6 ~ SS30 (2mm ~ 6mm)

※ Extra stone feeders available