Hotfix Era design creation & editing software accompanies the unit and supports all vector images from Corel & Adobe - The software allows you to create your own designs and text easily with tools and built-in or import fonts from your PC. Even beginners can bring their work to the next level quickly and easily.

If you want to learn more about how to use, software.

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You can activate your license in three different computers for dongle mode version. However, you can not use it more than one computer at a time. The product will only run in the computer where the protection device is plugged in.

* Media Kit includes :

- Installation CD

- Protected Software USB dongle

- Product card

- Installation Guide

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Designs can be transferred to the machine through USB Memory

All supported files

1. Raster format

BMP - Windows Bitmap / JPG - JPEG Bitmap / PCX - Paint Brush / GIF - GIF Bitmap

TGA - Targa Bitmaps / CLP - Clipboard Format / PNG - Portable Network Graphics

2. Vector format

WMF- Windows Metafile / EMFF- Windows Enhanced Metafile / CDR - CorelDRW

CMX - Drawing Exchange Format / SVG - Files / PLT - Vector Plotter files

3. Others : Scanner Capture, Al illustrator